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Upon completing the True Pacifist Route, a credits sequence featuring all of the monsters encountered in the game occurs, followed by a bullet-hell segment in which the names of the Undertale Kickstarter backers may be dodged.

If the protagonist dodges all of the names, the Mysterious Door in Snowdin Forest unlocks.

The description of each monster is either white or yellow depending on what the protagonist did during their encounter.

Yellow Description Criteria

Enemy Instructions (Only need to be completed once) White Description Yellow Description
Froggit Compliment. Pondering Life Professional Frog
Whimsun Console. Still A Bit Guilty Braver Every Day
Moldsmal Flirt or Imitate. Found A New Cave Backup Dancer
Loox Don't Pick On. Slightly Bully-like Reformed Bully
Vegetoid Dinner, then touch the green vegetables. Pushy Grocer Popular Nutritionist
Migosp Talk to it, or spare the other enemies to leave it alone. Dedicated Yesman Casually Enjoys Life
Napstablook Cheer three times (until they transform into Dapper Blook), then Flirt or Cheer. Zzzzzzzz... Spooky DJ
Snowdrake Wait a turn, and then Laugh at his pun. Still Looking For Laughs Semi-successful Comedian
Ice Cap Use any method to make it spareable, Steal its hat, then Compliment it. Thinking About Its Hat Fashion Designer
Gyftrot Undecorate three times. Finding Peace And Quiet Christmas Display
Doggo Wait a turn not moving, then Pet him. Believes in the Almighty Stick Has His Own Seeing Eye Dog
Dogamy and Dogaressa Roll Around, Re-Sniff, then Pet them both. Still Thinking About That Stick Finally No. 1 Nose Nuzzle Champions
Lesser Dog Pet more than three times or until it stops attacking. Use the Stick then Pet it or vice-versa. Searching for Affection Found A Loving Owner
Greater Dog Beckon or Ignore, Pet, Play, Pet, Pet. Unaware of Life's Changes Excited by Life's Changes
Aaron Find Napstablook's house in Waterfall, play any of the songs, leave with the CD still playing, then head back and walk around the room with the SAVE Point. This triggers a unique encounter with Aaron and Woshua. Still Flexing Paranormal Investigator
Moldbygg Unhug. Wistfully Adjusting to City Life Idyllic Life on the Beach
Woshua Ask to be Cleaned, then touch the green bullets. Normal Janitor Legendary Janitor
Temmie Talk, or feed Temmie Flakes. Temmie Temmie
Mad Dummy Talk, then continue the battle. Changed Name to Angry Dummy Calmed Down... Just a Bit
Mad Mew Mew

[note 1]

Talk to her after she stops attacking, then spare her. Furiosity Wills The Cat Meowing Into Primetime
Shyren Hum five times. Taking Piano Lessons Again Released Her First Hit Single, "When You Say Goodbye It's Like Magical Bullets Are Slowly Flying Out of Your Mouth And Hitting Me"
Vulkin Hug or Encourage. Strolling Happily Encouraging Space Heater
Tsunderplane Approach, then hit the green outline of the planes four times. New Student At School Finally Confesses (What!? I don't!!)
Pyrope Heat Up twice. Continually In Trouble Candle In The World's Largest Birthday Cake
Muffet Spare her (survive until her dinner attack or eat a spider item), or buy one of the 9999G spider items. N/A[note 2] Spider Success With a New Bakery
Royal Guards Spare them (Clean Armor for RG02, then Whisper to RG01). N/A[note 2] Use Your Imagination
Final Froggit Mystify. Searching For Life's Meaning Giving Life Its Own Meaning
Whimsalot Pray, then touch the green bullets. Fighting For The Future The Long Battle Finally Ending...
Astigmatism Wait a turn, then either Pick On or Don't Pick on, depending on its request. Still A Big Bully Domineering Glasses Seller
Madjick Talk, or Stare twice (once at each orb), or use the Stick. Learning Bowling Street Magician
Knight Knight Sing three times (twice if Shyren's Song has already been learned by humming repeatedly) until she falls asleep. Retail Job Taking a Well-Deserved Nap
Amalgamates Living With Their Families, Thinking About Sticks Living With Their Families



  • Jerry, Chilldrake, Glyde, So Sorry, enemies exclusive to Hard Mode, and the mysterious white figure in the True Lab do not appear in the credits.
  • In the Special Thanks segment of the credits, Toby Fox is included in the names.[1]
  • The beach Alphys and Undyne visit resembles the beach in Summers from EarthBound.
  • Gyftrot's white and yellow descriptions are possibly reversed, since the white description can seem like a better rate than the yellow one.
  • Some of the monsters' sprites change depending on whether they have white or yellow credits. For instance, Shyren only shows her face if she has yellow text, Lesser Dog's neck grows if its text is yellow and Aaron's facial expression changes.


  1. Mad Mew Mew is only available on the Nintendo Switch version and she only shows up in the credits if the protagonist fought her, replacing Mad Dummy in the process.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Muffet and the Royal Guards will always have yellow descriptions, as the credits cannot be reached without fulfilling their yellow description conditions.