This page is dedicated to all the people who helped develop Undertale. Please note that this page does not include Kickstarter backers. It is listed in the order of which the names appear in the True Pacifist credits, followed by the Neutral Ending credits.

Toby Fox

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Annoying Dog sprite

Toby Fox is the main developer and composer of Undertale. Before Undertale, he was best known for his contributions to the webcomic Homestuck and his 2009 Earthbound Halloween ROM Hack.

He is represented in-game by the Annoying Dog.

Temmie Chang

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Tuyoki ks

Temmie Chang is the main artistic assistant of Undertale. Her contributions include concept art, the opening prologue sepia sequence, the sepia sequence when Asriel regains his memories, two and a half of the shops, some NPCs and overworld sprites, most of the tiles in Snowdin, Toriel's Home, and other pieces that were split with Toby.[1][2]

She is represented in game by Temmie.

J.N. Wiedle

J.N. Wiedle, also known as Jones, is a freelance cartoonist and comic artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Their webcomic, Helvetica, which is centered on a skeleton named after the font Helvetica, is the inspiration behind the brothers Sans and Papyrus, both of which are named after fonts as well.

Magnolia Porter

Magnolia Porter is a freelance illustrator best known for her webcomic Monster Pulse. She is credited as an assistant monster designer.

Gigi D.G.

Gigi D.G., formerly known as Peachifruit, is an artist responsible for the creation of the webcomic series Cucumber Quest and Lady of the Shard, and the former webcomic Hiimdaisy. She provided extra art and testing for Undertale.

Bob Sparker

Bob Sparker from Tales from Electricopolis served as special inspiration for Mettaton.


Sarah also served as special inspiration for Mettaton.

Michelle Czajkowski

Michelle Czajkowski is the author of the webcomic, Ava's Demon, who guest designed Muffet.


Kenju is the tileset artist for "Area 3" and "Area 4" and was also a "hyper tester."[3]


Merrigo ks

Merrigo is the main background artist for Undertale. The backgrounds that they have contributed to the game can be seen here.


Chess did extra art and testing.


Clairevoire did extra art and testing.


Easynam ks

Easynam contributed with overworld art.[2]


Guzu ks

Angela "Guzusuru" Sham, best known for their "A Lullaby for Gods" and "[S] ACT 7" animations for Homestuck, was an animation assistant.[2]


Everdraed co-designed and helped create assets and animation for the Photoshop Flowey battle and created the release trailer for Undertale.[4]


Flashygoodness provided programming help.

Leon Arnott

Leon Arnott provided programming help and was responsible for getting Undertale ported to Mac OS X.[5]

Mike Reid

Mike Reid guest designed Glyde.[6]


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