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The promotional image used in the campaign featuring the protagonist, Toriel and Flowey.



The Undertale Kickstarter was a crowdfunding campaign for Undertale that was initiated by Toby Fox on June 24, 2013. Before this campaign, the demo of the game was first released on May 23, 2013. To entice potential backers, the Kickstarter offered several rewards explained in this video by Sans and Papyrus.


Excited Papyrus, as seen in the UNDERTALE Reward Tiers Explanation.

Anyone backing at $10 or more would receive a digital download of the game. Those backing at $30 would receive the digital download of the game, have their name included in the True Pacifist Ending Credits, plus the game's soundtrack with a vocal bonus track by Papyrus called "Papyrus's Cool Song." Two joke tiers were included at $31 where a backer could receive all $30-tier prizes without the vocal track and $32 where a backer could receive all $30-tier prizes except with a version of the soundtrack that only has the vocal track. Backing at $50 or more earns all of the $30-tier prizes plus a sticker sheet, and backing at $75 would earn all of the $50-tier rewards plus physical CD of the game and its soundtrack.

Backing the Kickstarter at $100 or more would reward the backer with all of the $75-tier rewards and a special prize:

  • At $100 or more, Tuyoki will make an overworld sprite of the backer's choice. (10 only)
  • At $250 or more, a custom non-playable character would be included in the game. (6 only)
  • At $500 or more, a custom character that is fightable can be included in the game. (2 only)
  • At $1,000 or more, the backer's fantroll will become canon in Undertale. (1 only)

Five of the NPCs were later revealed to be Loren, the Long-nosed Snail, Ragel, the Elder Puzzler and Snowdrake's Father, the fightable monsters were later revealed to be Glyde and Muffet and the fantroll was later revealed to be So Sorry.[1]

Stretch Goals

Sans combing his nonexistent hair, as seen in the UNDERTALE Reward Tiers Explanation video.

The Undertale Kickstarter campaign included a couple of stretch goals if the campaign was funded above its initial goal of $5,000. All of the stretch goals listed below were reached with the campaign being funded at $51,125.

  • $7,500 - Expanded instruction manual
  • $10,000- Macintosh Port by Leon Arnott
  • $12,500 - SECRET BOSS (!?!)
  • $17,500 - Monster designs by Magnolia Porter
  • $20,000 - Patches and Wallpapers!
  • $25,000 - Kickstarter-exclusive Undertale Remixes!!!
  • $32,500 - Undertale Alarm Clock App
  • $37,500 - Undertale Concept Art
  • $45,000 - Undertale Extra Comics and possibly Another Game



  • In the UNDERTALE Reward Tiers Explanation video, Sans's font is not pixelated. He also talks with proper capitalization at one point.
    • When Sans has a glass of a pink drink, his mouth changes when he sips from the straw. Additionally, the liquid goes through his clothes and drips onto his lounging chair.

The Beauty Border.

  • Some of the kickstarter update art is used in the border that is rewarded upon completing the console versions of Hard Mode. It is from the 1st,[2] 4th,[3] and 7th[4] updates.
  • On September 15, 2017, development for the Undertale Alarm Clock App was announced on Undertale's second anniversary.[5] However, development was discontinued three years later due to circumstances and in favor of developing Deltarune.[6] The Winter Dialogue is instead available on the official Undertale website. It consists of post True Pacifist Route dialogue from Toriel, Napstablook, Papyrus, Sans, Alphys, Mettaton, Undyne, Flowey, and Asgore.
    • A portion of the Winter Dialogue for Asgore was previewed on the official Undertale Tumblr announcement. It alludes to the Undertale counterpart of Rudolph Holiday.


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