Undertale Wiki

Undertale Wiki, as of 4th August 2016, has a Discord server. Discord can be accessed through a web browser or variety of apps for different platforms.

How to join

  1. To join the server, you would have to have a Fandom account. If you don't, you can register one here.
  2. Register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  3. The widget showing the server can be found in the right sidebar on any wiki article, as well as the Join section. The "Connect" button can be found on the bottom of it.
  4. After joining, you'll find yourself in the #info channel. You'll find the channel list on the left hand side, which should contain only #info, #news and #verification channels.
  5. Go to #verification and type !verify <your Fandom username>. The bot will grant you access to other channels afterwards. The bot may ask you to verify your Discord handle on your user profile if you have not already done so. If you do not post your username in a reasonable amount of time after joining, you will be kicked from the server.


Roles on Discord are like user groups on Fandom; they are used to put people in different groups that sometimes have different appearance and permissions.

Name Given to Permissions Mentionable Separated in the user list
Administrators Administrators In addition to normal staff member permissions, can change several additional server settings Yes No
Content Moderators Content Moderators None Yes No
Chat Moderators Chat Moderators None Yes No
Retired Staff Retired staff members None No No
Deltarune Wiki Administrators Administrators of the Deltarune Wiki None Yes No
Staff Staff members In addition to member permissions can kick, ban, manage roles and channels, server-widely mute and deafen members, move members to different voice channels and delete and pin messages. Yes Yes
Utility Bots Utility bots, such as the verification bot, that require global permissions. Can manage roles and messages. No No
Members Verified Fandom users. In addition to standard permissions, can access all channels, create instant invites, change their nickname, use external emoticons and send files No Yes
Cool Skeleton Automatically given to users who boost the server. None No No
MTT-Brand Bots Bots None. Only have channel-specific permissions. No Yes
Watchers Users that use t!sar get Watchers in #bots. Has permission to access extra channels that are invisible to normal members. No No
Papyrus's Shed Users that Staff need to have a private talk with. Has permission to access #shed. No No
Dork Users who have recently misused more serious channels. Cannot send messages in the Maintenance channels or #voice No No
everyone Don't mention this role. None Yes No


Name Purpose
#info Outlining the rules and other server information.
#news Outlining recent Undertale/Deltarune news.
#general Discussion that doesn't go in any other channel.
#undertale All Undertale-related discussion.
#deltarune All Deltarune-related discussion.
#other Off-topic conversation.
#bots Bot commands.
#art Posting any kind of art.
#games Discussion about other games.
#music_and_videos For using music bot commands and music/video discussion in general.
#wiki Undertale and Deltarune Wiki-related conversation.
#suggestions Suggestions for new features to be added to the server.
#rc-undertale Channel where a bot relays all changes from this wiki. To access this channel, use t!sar get Watchers in #bots.
#rc-deltarune Same as #rc-undertale but for Deltarune Wiki.
#social-undertale Similar to #rc-undertale but for Discussions posts.
#social-deltarune Similar to #rc-deltarune but for Deltarune Wiki Discussions posts.
#usernames Channel where the bot relays all users who have verified their usernames. This is also a Watchers channel.
#shed If you are here, there is likely something wrong about your behavior.
#verification Used for new server members to verify their accounts in order to gain the Members role.
#voice Only for aiding in voice chat. Locked to prevent abuse while people are not talking in the voice chat.
General General discussion.
Music Listening to music.
AFK People that are inactive and in other channels will be placed here automatically.



  • Rules from wiki policy apply.
  • Excessive minimodding. This is when a non-moderating user attempts to take on the role of a mod by telling users how to behave.
  • Anything goes within DMs, although harassment via PMs will lead to a ban.
  • Swearing is allowed, but not excessively. Excessive usage may result in a kick or a ban.
  • Linking to blatantly NSFW content will result in an instantaneous ban. Linking to pornography, gore, anything that is really unseemly, and graphic discussion is absolutely forbidden. Slight innuendos and jokes are allowed.
  • Personal attacks, harassment, insults, bigotry, racism, etc. will result in a ban.
    • Slurs, or derogatory remarks against minorities, will result in a ban. (i.e., n****r, f****t, etc.) Abbreviations or derivatives of such words are not allowed either.
  • Violation of personal privacy will result in a ban. This includes revealing information about others against their will, such as announcing their real name, location, age, gender, etc.
  • Actions that disrupt rational conversation will result in a ban. This includes trolling, spamming, and speaking in all caps.
  • Don't go out of your way to irritate others. You can have arguments and debates, but don't get too passionate. Avoid unnecessary conflict, and don't start drama.
  • Do not roleplay. If you wish to roleplay, do it within a private chat or on the Undertale Roleplay Wiki.
    • Chat games are allowed, but only if they don't obstruct the flow of conversation.
  • Sockpuppeting (abusing multiple accounts) will result in an instant ban.
  • Overall, keep the chat PG13, and don't be a jerk.

Topics of Discussion

  • Discussion is not limited to Undertale.
  • Please stay on the topic of a channel you are talking in.
  • Avoid spoiling the game for players that have not completed it.
  • If someone who has not yet finished the game is looking for guidance, try to help them with whatever issue they may be having.


The Discord server utilizes several bots. They are there for multiple purposes, which will be listed below. Every one of them has certain commands that can be sent to them to list all the available commands. Most bots can only be used from the #bots channel.

Name Nickname Description Help command
spoo.py(◡‿◡✿) MTT-Brand CommandBot Has several commands. `help
HatBot MTT-Brand Hat Dispenser Puts hats on avatars of users with a command. !!hat
Tatsu MTT-Brand Jackpot Machine Has too many commands. t!help
Rythm MTT-Brand Music Player Plays music in the music channel. r!help
MTT-Brand Tenor Slayer Deletes links to Tenor GIFs. N/A
Novica44 MTT-Brand Username Sort-o-Matic Helps with user verification and transforms [[wikilinks]] into actual links. Can be used from any channel. !help

International servers

Not speaking English? There are Discord servers for other Undertale wikis!