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Forum policies

Before contributing to the Undertale Wiki Forums, please keep in mind a few best practices for conduct:

  • Avoid duplicate threads. Before posting a thread, try searching for the already existent thread, because that way you'll save your, and other people's time and forum space.
  • Stay on the topic. Avoid posting off-topic messages in threads that aren't meant for that. Off-topic posts might get removed or deleted. Repeated offenses might lead to a warning or a block.
  • Post on a correct board. Boards have descriptions on them, please read them before posting on that board. If you are unsure in if you posted something on a correct board, ask a staff member about it.
  • Avoid necroposting. Necroposting is a term used for bringing up a really old thread. If you think a discussion needs to be restarted, contact a forum moderator about it.
  • Do not engage in fights on the forum. If somebody is causing trouble, leave a message on a wall of a forum moderator or administrator, and we'll look into it. Do not try to self-moderate threads.