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Vulkin with a Hot Dog

Vulkin is an enemy that the protagonist can encounter in Hotland.



As its name implies, Vulkin resembles a volcano, with the conical structure that is a common characteristic of volcanoes. Lava can be seen leaking from its crown, and little puffs of smoke can be seen spewing out steadily. Vulkin usually has its eyes closed and a permanent blush. Due to its cheerful attitude, it is usually seen smiling.


Vulkin is arguably the kindest "enemy" encountered by the protagonist, as it maintains a positive, happy-go-lucky nature and loves to support beings around it. Its innocent nature unfortunately leads it to believe that humans, including the protagonist, can be healed by its lava attacks when it does the opposite.

Vulkin loves to see positivity and love being spread around it, so the "Encourage" and "Hug" options make it even happier than before. As a result, it either works harder to assist the protagonist or expresses comfort thanks to them. Using the "Hug" option turns its eyes into hearts as evidence.

Unfortunately, its cheerfulness is severely vulnerable to sensitivity and guilt despite not initially having the latter, as evident by if the protagonist uses the "Criticize" option against it. As a result, it becomes discouraged from attacking and displays a frowning face onscreen. Should the protagonist criticize it further by personally insulting its looks, it cries (although its tears are not shown onscreen), most likely because it realizes that it does not help the protagonist but instead angers them. Fortunately, should the protagonist use "Encourage" or "Hug" afterward, it returns to its usual positivity as if criticisms were not directed towards it before.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Its "Thunder" attack is a cloud at the top center of the board, firing bolts at a wide angle toward the SOUL, the bolts separating more the farther they travel. A variation of this has the cloud move.
    • Getting hit by this attack causes the SOUL’s SPEED to increase.
  • Its "fire" attack is two columns at the right and left edges of the board, shooting fireballs toward the center; the fireballs go back to the column from which they were fired.


  • This monster can be spared by hugging or encouraging it. However, encouraging it increases its AT, and hugging it decreases the protagonist's DF.
  • Criticizing them discourages it from attacking altogether, which is useful when there is another monster.


  • Thunder! Helpful speed up!!! [Neutral]
  • Ah! I'll help! Healing magmas! [Neutral]
  • Speed will help dodge!! [Neutral]
  • You're hurt! I'll help!!! [Protagonist Low HP]
  • Ahh... Not... helping? Okay... [Criticize]
  • Trash... rump... Ahh... [Criticize twice]
  • Ahh... [Neutral after being Criticized]
  • Does not help... [Neutral after being Criticized]
  • Oh! Ah! I'm helping! [Encourage]
  • Ahh! Ahh! Does my best! [Encourage]
  • Ahh! Tries the hardest! [Encourage]
  • Works hard! Works hot! [Encourage]
  • Ahh... so... LOVEY! [Hug]
  • Feels so warm! [Hug]
  • Hug... continue... [Hug]
  • Starting to get weird. [Hug]

Flavor Text

  • Mistakenly believes its lava can heal people. [Check]
  • Vulkin strolls in. [Encounter]
  • A strange parade blocks the path. [Encounter with another Vulkin]
  • Tsunderplane attacks! Not because it's jealous Vulkin is paying attention to you! [Encounter with Tsunderplane]
  • Vulkin is wiggling its weird rump. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin is making coffee in its crater. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin makes a smoke hoop and jumps through it. [Neutral]
  • Vulkin stands in the corner. [Neutral, after Criticize]
  • You tell Vulkin that its attacks are NOT helpful. [Criticize]
  • You tell Vulkin that its rump looks like a sack of trash. [Criticize twice]
  • Little streams of lava come from Vulkin's eyes. [Neutral, after Criticize twice]
  • You tell Vulkin it's doing a great job. Its attacks become extreme... [Encourage]
  • Vulkin parades around you proudly. [Neutral, after Encourage]
  • You give Vulkin a hug. It warms your heart... | And your whole body! Ouch! Your DEFENSE dropped! [Hug]
  • Vulkin's cheeks glow with a bright heat. [Neutral, after Hug]
  • Vulkin assures you the plane turning tiny is, like, completely intentional. [Neutral, when Tsunderplane is spared]


  • Vulkin's name comes from the word volcano and possibly Vulcan, the name of the Roman god of volcanoes and metalworking.
  • There was a glitch in version 1.00 where a Vulkin NPC will repeat the last message displayed, followed by the error-handling phrase: "La, la. Time to wake up and smell the pain."[1] Most of the phrase is typed in black; "the pain" is only visible due to overflowing the dialogue box.
  • Vulkin may be mentioned during Mettaton's news report by the headline saying "TINY VOLCANO MONSTER DOES ITS BEST, RECEIVES TINY APPLAUSE."
  • Vulkin shares its hurt sound effect with Reaper Bird and Snowdrake's Mother.
  • Vulkin's death sound was made using the MEOWSynth VST with the "Old Cat" preset.[citation needed]