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Echo Flower Explainer

This fish-like monster informs the protagonist of the Echo Flowers, which fill the marsh. If the protagonist speaks to the Echo Flower next to them before talking to them, the flower repeats their stating how they feel that explaining the Echo Flower is their only purpose.

When talking to them after the Echo Flower says this, they say "Never trust a flower," implying their embarrassment and resentment at being outed for what they feel is their sole purpose in life. They also state that mistrusting flowers are "one of the constants of this world," which could be a possible allusion to Flowey.


What's a star? Can you touch it? Can you eat it? Can you kill it? Are you a star?

Loren's dialogue

This curious monster asks the protagonist an assortment of questions about stars. Bringing an umbrella to them prompts different dialogue asking if the protagonist is holding a star. If Undyne is killed, they tell the protagonist that one of the stars faded out, asking them what that means.[1]

Colin MacDougall created them.


This monster appears after the first chase sequence with Undyne, upon leaving the room and coming back. The only part of them that is visible is a small flat pink face with closed eyes. Using them, the protagonist can travel from directly before the "Crystal" room to the area directly after the Wishing Room and vice versa. After each trip, Ferry gives the protagonist 3G for stepping on their face and thanks them. They can do this infinitely, and as such is a source of GOLD farming (though not very efficient). They simply state "Ferry for 3G." when informing the protagonist about the service, initially making it seem as if they are charging the protagonist 3G instead of giving them 3G. They do not allow umbrellas while they are transporting the protagonist.[2]


Onionsan's tarot card as "Eight of Swords"

Onionsan is a large aquatic monster that lives in Waterfall. They make faces that look animesque and have a rounded upper body that resembles an onion. They also follow the protagonist throughout their room to keep up a conversation.

Onionsan claims that Waterfall is their "Big Favorite," although they express concern about the water getting very shallow as of late. Onionsan is also very lonely, as shown by their desperation to engage the protagonist in conversation. They explain that all their friends moved to a crowded aquarium in the city, saying that they cannot join them because the aquarium is full. Despite this, Onionsan tries to maintain a positive outlook, saying that Undyne will fix everything and that someday they will get out and live in the ocean.

When walking through their area a second time, Onionsan tells the protagonist that they are starting a band called the "Red Hot Chibi Peppers" (a reference to Red Hot Chili Peppers) despite it not knowing how to sing or play instruments. Onionsan asks the protagonist whether or not they think the band will become famous. Upon choosing "No," Onionsan decends into the water, not surfacing again, even if the protagonist re-enters the room. If the protagonist says "Yeah," Onionsan continues to follow the protagonist throughout the room as usual. No more dialogue occurs until the protagonist reaches the True Pacifist ending.

Going back to Onionsan during the True Pacifist Route epilogue triggers a little extra dialogue, Onionsan stating that if word got to them that the surface was open to monsters, they would be the first to tell Frisk. Going a second time would have them say "It's gotta be any day now!"

Phoning Papyrus makes him say "ONION?" and phoning him again makes him say "HUM HUM HUM..." This is a reference to the game development studio Onion Games, which is led by Yoshiro Kimura, a friend of Toby Fox's whom Fox states has created games that inspired Undertale, such as Moon (Remix RPG).[3]

In the True Pacifist Ending Credits, Onionsan can be seen happily lounging in the water on the beach.

Small Bird

Small Bird's tarot card as "Knight of Pentacles/Coins"

That bird will carry anyone past the gap. It NEVER says no.
When I was younger, it gave me a lift. It took an hour...
But this bird NEVER once thought of giving up!!!
Cherish this bird.

Undyne when the protagonist calls next to the Small Bird for the first time

This tiny but determined bird offers to carry the protagonist from one side of the room to the other. Its own special song plays when it does so. According to Undyne, the bird will carry anyone across the gap if they wish and will never say no, and that it once gave her a lift across the gap, and, despite it taking an hour, it never thought of giving up, and that the bird should be cherished.

In the Genocide Route, the bird does not appear. In the True Pacifist Ending Credits, the bird can be seen flying above Papyrus.

If the protagonist is carrying an umbrella, the text "Umbrellas and birds. A bad combination." appears. This prevents the protagonist from carrying the umbrella to other areas of Waterfall and the rest of the Underground.


These snails reside in the Blook Family Snail Farm.

  • Snail 1 appears to have an extended nose and a mustache. They tell the protagonist to keep headstrong and reach far on their journey. Most of their dialogue is a pun on words like "long" and "extended," relating to their nose. Ahmed Almutawa created them.
  • Snail 2 lies on their back with a suit and a shell on their stomach. They appear to be a greenish humanoid monster, and it is implied that they are not an actual snail but simply a monster that bought their shell from Snail 3 as they wanted another house. They remark of how they have "been long overdue for a second house."
  • Snail 3 seems to be missing its shell (making it, therefore, a slug) and counts dollar bills. It seems that this snail sold its shell to Snail 2.
  • Snail 4 is an ordinary snail. If it is interacted with, the protagonist only wonders what it tastes like, in reference to Toriel's Snail Pie.

Temmie Village


Hi. I'm Bob.

When talking to Bob

Bob is one of the four Temmies that stand near the entrance of Temmie Village. While the Temmies found next to them speak with a visual speech impediment, Bob comically speaks in clean English. At the end of a True Pacifist Route, Bob voices their thoughts about the barrier being broken. Speaking to them prompts the response "A pleasing development, no?"

They are the only Temmie seen speaking clean English in all of their dialogue, as other Temmies only use proper grammar when maddened.


Mushroom dance Mushroom dance Whatever could it mean

When talking to Ragel

When spoken to, Ragel does what the game calls a mysterious mushroom dance (complete with its own music). Its moves are swaying side to side with arms bent in a right angle position that which change from up and down, always the opposite of the other. They keep their head down, so the two dots of their nostrils look more like eyes, before lifting their head to reveal their real eyes. They then say something to the protagonist, which differs depending on the protagonist's actions during the game.

  • On a Neutral Route, if the protagonist has not killed any monsters, they worry about how they are supposed to get to the surface (even if the barrier is destroyed) since they are rooted to their spot.
  • If the protagonist has killed at least one monster, they suggest that the protagonist has sinned. Attempting to talk to them again after this results in them telling the protagonist not to speak to them.
  • If the protagonist speaks to them after the barrier is opened in a True Pacifist Route, they say they are happy, as they have found someone who will move them to the surface. They then question why the protagonist was expecting a more distressed explanation of their dance.

They also appear in the unused room_water_mushroom, although with a placeholder sprite.

Alexander Sward created them.

Elder Puzzler

This cynical, aging monster expresses their resentment of the puzzles of today. They insist that modern kids are hopeless, and criticizes the protagonist's attempt at their box puzzle. They tell the protagonist that they are young and still have hope, and no matter what way the protagonist pushes the box, the elder always scolds them. Their appearance is notably similar to that of a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. video game series.

Papyrus holds much respect for the Elder Puzzler, as referenced to in Papyrus's phone call when in the room.

Summer Wine created them.

Clam Girl

This rare NPC only appears if the fun value is between 80 and 89, and the player is not on a Genocide Route. She can be found southeast of Napstablook's house. She talks about her neighbor's daughter, Suzy[4] (who is never seen in-game,[5] but whose name appears in yellow text similar to other important highlighted text), and states that the protagonist should become friends with her. She notes the fact that the protagonist has no knowledge of where Suzy is, but insists that fate will find a way regardless. Post-game dialogue with her in the epilogue depends on if the protagonist stopped to talk to her earlier. If the protagonist did, she gives an uplifting speech and their neighbor's blessing. If the protagonist walked by her, she states that she was going to tell the protagonist about her neighbor's daughter, but that fate has decided that she should not do so. If the protagonist kills Undyne, she mentions that she senses a disturbance in the nearby aura and that she thinks the protagonist should leave Suzy alone.[1]

If Clam Girl is encountered in the True Pacifist Epilogue, she mentions how the protagonist never met her neighbor's daughter. On the Nintendo Switch version with a fun value of 81, she explains how the time the player will meet her "... is fast approaching" as her sprite becomes grayscale.[6] Ending this dialogue makes her disappear with the same sound used for Mystery Man and the second Gaster Follower. This, along with her sprite being labeled as spr_clam_goner, suggests a link to Goner Kid. Notably, this dialogue was added before Deltarune's release. It implies Clam Girl is speaking to the player about the Deltarune character Susie, whom is never seen in Undertale.

Goner Kid

Goner Kid is a gray version of Monster Kid (spr_mkid_goner) that can appear in Room 91 (room_water7) on a dock right before the room where Undyne first throws spears at the protagonist if the fun value is 90 or greater. Their dialogue is as follows:

  • Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
    • Except you don't exist?
    • Everything functions perfectly without you...
    • Ha, ha... The thought terrifies me.
  • ... [Talk again]
  • An umbrella...? But it's not raining. [If holding an umbrella]
    • Ha, ha...
    • You know, that does make me feel a little better about this.
    • Thank you.
    • Please forget about me.
  • Please don't think about this anymore. [Talk again, with umbrella]

In the game files, there is a dialogue of Goner Kid saying "Yo! You're a ??? too, right?". This dialogue is unused in-game but can be seen with debug mode on. Additionally, they reset the fun value to 0 when talked to with an umbrella, and no longer reappear when returning to the room.


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