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Whimsalot (/ˈhwɪmzələt, -ˌlɒt/) is an enemy found in the CORE and an advanced version of Whimsun. It also appears in the Ruins when in Hard Mode.



Whimsalot has more human-like appearance than Whimsun. In addition, its antennae are thicker, and there is muff on their head that branches in two. Whimsalot's appearance is also accompanied by a double-bladed spear and a knight mask. Its ghost-like torso is skinnier and shorter.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Butterflies circle the protagonist's SOUL counter-clockwise (2 of these butterflies are green if the Pray ACT is used).
  • Butterflies rise from the bottom of the screen three at a time in rapid succession.


  • To spare this monster, the Pray ACT must be selected. Whimsalot summons a ring of butterflies that spin rapidly with two green butterflies next to each other. At least one of these green butterflies must be touched in order to make Whimsalot spareable. These also heal the protagonist for 1HP each.
    • It is also possible to spare this monster by praying twice, even if no green butterflies are collected.
  • It is also possible to spare this monster by consoling it.
  • If found with Astigmatism, challenging Astigmatism also meets Whismalot's spare conditions.
    • Note that this method also works for Final Froggit.


  • I've made my choice. [Neutral]
  • I've made my peace. [Console]
  • I'm not afraid of you. [Terrorize]
  • Not this time. [Neutral]
  • No regrets. [Neutral]
  • *Shine shine* [Neutral]
  • Courage ... [Stand up to Astigmatism]
  • There's still hope. [Pray]
  • Don't give up! [Pray]

Flavor Text

  • It finally stopped worrying. [Check]
  • Whimsalot spins its weapon around. [Neutral]
  • Smells like nightshade and bleach. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot shakes its head dismissively. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot flutters silently. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot locks eyes with you. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot's flying stutters. [Attack]
  • Whimsalot rushed in! [Encounter alone]
  • Whimsalot and Final Froggit appeared. [Encounter with Final Froggit]
  • Can you believe it? [Encounter with Final Froggit during Hard Mode]
  • What a nightmare! [Encounter with Final Froggit and Astigmatism]
  • Whimsalot and Parsnik appeared. [Encounter with Parsnik]
  • Party from hell. [Encounter with Moldessa and Parsnik]
  • You kneel and pray for safety. Whimsalot remembers its conscience. [Pray]
  • Whimsalot doesn't want to fight anymore. [When spare conditions are met]
  • Whimsalot's flying stutters. [Low HP]



  • Whimsalot's name comes from Whimsun and Lancelot, the most famous knight of King Arthur's Round Table. Its name also may come from the fact that it "whims a lot."
  • Whimsalot is part of the Reaper Bird, one of the Amalgamates.
  • Losing its mask when spared or killed may be a reference to the battles with Meta Knight from the Kirby series. When defeated, the character in question loses his mask, then disappears.
  • As well as Whimsun, Whimsalot has quotes and flavor text that may be interpreted as references to depression and suicide.