Whimsalot (/ˈhwɪmzələt, -ˌlɒt/) is an enemy found in the CORE and an advanced version of Whimsun. It also appears in the Ruins when in Hard Mode.



Whimsalot has more human-like appearance than Whimsun. In addition, their antennae are thicker, and there is muff on their head that branches in two. Whimsalot's appearance is also accompanied by the two-blades spear and a knight mask. Their ghost-like torso is skinnier and shorter.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Butterflies circle the protagonist's SOUL counter-clockwise (2 of these butterflies will be green if the Pray ACT is used).
  • Butterflies rise from the bottom of the screen three at a time in rapid succession.


  • To spare this monster, you first need to Pray and then collect at least one of the green butterflies on screen. These also heal the protagonist for 1HP each.
    • It is also possible to spare this monster by praying twice, even if no green butterflies are collected.
  • It is also possible to spare this monster by consoling it.
  • If found with Astigmatism, challenging Astigmatism will also meet Whismalot's spare conditions.
    • Note that this method will also work for Final Froggit.


  • I've made my choice. [Neutral]
  • I've made my peace. [Console]
  • I'm not afraid of you. [Terrorize]
  • Not this time. [Neutral]
  • No regrets. [Neutral]
  • *Shine shine* [Neutral]
  • Courage ... [Stand up to Astigmatism]
  • There's still hope. [Pray]
  • Don't give up! [Pray]

Flavor Text

  • It finally stopped worrying. [Check]
  • Whimsalot spins its weapon around. [Neutral]
  • Smells like nightshade and bleach. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot shakes its head dismissively. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot flutters silently. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot locks eyes with you. [Neutral]
  • Whimsalot's flying stutters. [Attack]
  • Whimsalot rushed in! [Encounter alone]
  • Whimsalot and Final Froggit appeared. [Encounter with Final Froggit]
  • Can you believe it? [Encounter with Final Froggit during Hard Mode]
  • What a nightmare! [Encounter with Final Froggit and Astigmatism]
  • Whimsalot and Parsnik appeared. [Encounter with Parsnik]
  • Party from hell. [Encounter with Moldessa and Parsnik]
  • You kneel and pray for safety. Whimsalot remembers its conscience. [Pray]
  • Whimsalot doesn't want to fight anymore. [When spare conditions are met]
  • Whimsalot's flying stutters. [Low HP]


  • Whimsalot's name comes from Whimsun and Lancelot, the most famous knight of King Arthur's Round Table. Its name also may come from the fact that it "whims a lot."
  • Whimsalot is part of the Reaper Bird, one of the Amalgamates.
  • Losing its mask when spared or killed may be a reference to the battles with Meta Knight from the Kirby series. When defeated, the character in question loses his mask, then disappears.
  • As well as Whimsun, Whimsalot has quotes and flavor text that may be interpreted as references to depression and suicide.
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