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Whimsun (/ˈhwɪmzən/) is a monster encountered in the Ruins. Its Hard Mode and CORE counterpart is Whimsalot.



Whimsun's appearance takes on that of a moth-like monster with two drooping antennae, two small wings, and two little arms and legs. Its body shape resembles that of a ghost. Its facial expression is sad, with an open frowning mouth, and two mostly-closed eyes with dots under them.


Whimsun is extremely sensitive, as suggested by its flavor text. It runs away if the protagonist consoles it and is terrorized by a small finger wiggle. It can be spared immediately and is extremely apologetic. Its attacks do not target or intentionally hit the SOUL but rather limit the SOUL's Bullet Board.

In Battle

Appears With


  • A ring of moths circles the middle of the Bullet Board, sizing in and out.
  • Two vertical lines of moths on either side of the Bullet Board move from the bottom and with the SOUL.


As Whimsun's attacks do not target the SOUL, a battle with it may be sustained ad infinam. Ironically, it is one of the few monsters who can be resolved in a single turn without opposition.


  • Due to Whimsun's timid nature and the fact it is very sensitive emotionally, Whimsun always dies in one hit, no matter the weapon or strength of the attack.


  • Whimsun can be spared from the start, though no GOLD is earned by doing so. It runs away if the protagonist consoles it, which also earns no GOLD. However, if the protagonist terrorizes Whimsun before consoling it, it drops 2 GOLD.


  • I'm sorry... [Neutral]
  • Oh no... [Neutral]
  • *sniff, sniff* [Neutral]
  • I have no choice... [Neutral]
  • Forgive me... [Neutral]
  • I can't handle this... [Terrorize]

Flavor Text

  • This monster is too sensitive to fight... [Check]
  • Whimsun approached meekly! [Encounter]
  • Froggit and Whimsun drew near! [Encounter with Froggit]
  • Whimsun continues to mutter apologies. [Alone, Neutral]
  • Whimsun avoids eye contact. [Alone, Neutral]
  • Whimsun is fluttering. [Alone, Neutral]
  • It's starting to smell like lavender and mothballs. [Alone, Neutral]
  • Halfway through your first word, Whimsun bursts into tears and runs away. [Console]
  • You raise your arms and wiggle your fingers. Whimsun freaks out! [Terrorize]
  • Whimsun is hyperventilating. [Alone, after Terrorize]
  • Whimsun is having trouble flying. [Low HP] (Cannot be seen in-game due to dying in one hit)


  • Whimsun's name may be derived from whimsy or whimsical. This monster may also be skittish because it has "some whims."
  • Whimsun's attacks do not hit an immobile SOUL. However, when paired with other enemies, the attacks become harder to dodge.
  • As well as Whimsalot, Whimsun has quotes and flavor text that may be interpreted as references to depression and suicide.[1] Mothballs and lavender are poisonous to moths.


  1. "Smells like nightshade and bleach." - Flavor Text for Whimsalot