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... what?
Do you really think you can stop ME?
Hee hee hee...
You really ARE an idiot.


You Idiot is the 78th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays at the end of a Neutral Route before Photoshop Flowey's battle, in the True Pacifist Route when Flowey traps the main cast with vines before absorbing their SOULs, and also before the "special thanks" segment of the True Pacifist Ending Credits. It plays at three different speeds in all three situations with the third version the one found on the OST.

It sounds like a buzzing, suspenseful, sinister mechanical tune, and it is similar to the music that plays when meeting the fallen human at the end of a Genocide Route.


  • This track is called "mus_yourbestfriend_3" in the game files.
    • This implies that there may have been other parts to the track planned, as Your Best Friend's filename is "mus_flowey," and there is no "mus_yourbestfriend_1" or 2.
  • This track is a slowed down version of "mus_f_intro" in Your Best Nightmare.