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This is all just a bad dream...
And you're NEVER waking up!

Flowey's message on the "game over" screen

Your Best Nightmare is the 79th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during Photoshop Flowey's battle at the end of a Neutral Route

The song is composed of various parts. The first part consists of a dark tune that samples the melody from You Idiot. This plays only at the start of his battle and is not included in the loop. A distorted version of Flowey's laugh plays before the song alternates between two parts: variations on the first tune with a breakcore beat during Flowey's fight and variations of Your Best Friend during the encounters with the SOULs. Flowey's segments are followed by the sound of TV static as a SOUL presents itself.


  • The song is split into multiple tracks that play during the battle against Photoshop Flowey, all beginning with "mus_f_," except for the music in the third and fifth stages.
    • "Your Best Nightmare" begins with "mus_f_intro" and "mus_f_laugh" and then repeats "mus_f_part1" and "mus_f_part2" until the "mus_f_alarm" sound effect plays.
      • Another part, "mus_f_part3," is unused. However, some segments of it are heard during the third and fifth stages as a separate sound effect.
    • The six SOULs are named "mus_f_6s_1" through "mus_f_6s_6" in the game files.
  • This is the fourth longest track in the Undertale Soundtrack after Bring It In, Guys!, Reunited, and Undertale.
  • The drum loop in all parts of the song are heavily modifed versions of Amen Break.