怪物(Monsters)Undertale 中一類生物的總稱。他們居住於屏障以下的地下世界,而人類則居住在其上地表世界。除了主角Chara花花,玩家在遊戲中所遇到的角色幾乎都是怪物。

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所有地下世界的怪物都由國王 Asgore 統治。在人怪戰爭之後,怪物們遷徙到了地下世界。儘管「怪物」這個詞大多為貶義,Undertale 中的怪物卻絕非邪惡的物種。怪物們的靈魂據說還是由愛、希望和同情心所構成的[1]


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怪物有著各式各樣的外型和大小,包括骷髏(SansPapyrus)、鬼魂(Napstablook)等等,也有像是TorielAsgore頭目怪物。怪物的靈魂通常是純白的,遊戲中唯一能看到靈魂毀滅的怪物是 Asgore(在屠殺結局中立結局中被花花殺死)和 Toriel(在屠殺結局和中立結局)。



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  1. "Love, hope, compassion... This is what people say monster SOULs are made of. But the absolute nature of "SOUL" is unknown. After all, humans have proven their SOULs don't need these things to exist." - Book in Snowdin Library
  2. "Humans are unbelievably strong. It would take the SOUL of nearly every monster... ... just to equal the power of a single human SOUL." - Ancient glyphs in Waterfall
  3. "While monsters are mostly made of magic, human beings are mostly made of water. Humans, with their physical forms, are far stronger than us." - Book in Snowdin Library
  4. "Because they are made of magic, monsters' bodies are attuned to their SOUL. If a monster doesn't want to fight, its defenses will weaken. And the crueller the intentions of our enemies, the more their attacks will hurt us. Therefore, if a being with a powerful SOUL struck with the desire to kill... Um, let's end the chapter here..." - Book in Snowdin Library
  5. 5.0 5.1 "When a human dies, its soul remains stable outside the body. Meanwhile, a monster's soul disappears near-instantly upon death. This allows monsters to absorb the souls of humans... While it is extremely difficult for humans to absorb a monster's soul. This is why they feared us. Though monsters are weak, with enough human souls... They could easily destroy all of mankind." - Monster History part 7
  6. "Unfortunately, monsters are not experienced with illness. However, when monsters are about to expire of age, they lie down, immobile. We call this state "Fallen Down." A person who has Fallen Down will soon perish. In a way, this confusing situation was all too familiar. " - Monster History part 6
  7. "Monster funerals, technically speaking, are cool as heck. When monsters get old and kick the bucket, they turn into dust. At funerals, we take that dust and spread it on that person's favorite thing. Then their essence will live on in that thing..." - School report in Snowdin Library
  8. "There is one exception to the aforementioned rules: A certain type of monster, the "boss" monster. Due to its life cycle, it possesses an incredibly strong soul for a monster. This soul can remain stable after death, if only for a few moments." - Monster History part 8
  9. "You see, unlike humans', monsters' bodies don't have enough... Physical matter to take those concentrations of "determination." Their bodies started to melt, and lost what physicality they had. Pretty soon, all of the test subjects had melted together into... Those." - Alphys, True Lab